Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's Cookin'? - 10/9/11 edition

I've decided to try something new here on the blog, taking a cue from my dear friend Lauren over at Seventeenth and Irving. Via Lauren's blog, I discovered the "Embed" feature on Pinterest, which makes it really easy to share things here on the blog.

So, what I'm going to do from time to time (probably mostly on Sundays, since Sunday tends to be my biggest day of cooking for the week) is share Pinterest pins to show you what's cooking in my kitchen.

Oh, and feel free to follow my boards on Pinterest if you're on there. I have a few boards, and I pin mostly food-related stuff (surprise!).

So, with that ... here's "What's Cookin'?" for October 9, 2011 ...

The first thing I did this morning in the kitchen was assemble the ingredients to make this Crock Pot Beer BBQ Chicken from How Sweet It Is to have on hand for dinners this week. It has about 4 hours left to cook, and it smells incredible!

Oh, and if you decide to use a Ziploc bag to shake the chicken and the seasonings together, make sure the bag is completely zipped closed. (DUH!) I had a bit of a kitchen fail due to not closing the bag all the way and not realizing it. What a mess!

But I digress ...

The smell of the chicken was briefly overpowered by the spicy, apple-y scent of these Apple Pie Muffins from My Baking Addiction as they baked. 11 of these bad boys (hey, I had to taste-test one!) are currently on a cooling rack in my kitchen. I will be both loved and hated come tomorrow morning as people walk into the kitchen at work and find them.

And later on, for dinner, I'll be cooking up a pair of recipes from one of the recent posts over at Iowa Girl Eats, which has quickly become one of my favorite food blogs. Kristin and I have very similar taste in food, so if you like the stuff I make, you should definitely check out her blog!

So ... back to dinner. It will consist of the "best tomato sauce ever" and garlic-roasted broccoli. And as excited as I am about trying this insanely simple sauce over my very favorite spaghetti, Barilla PLUS Thin Spaghetti (protein, fiber AND delicious flavor in pasta!) ... I also am excited about the Sicilian-style Italian sausage I bought at one of the local meat markets yesterday. I wish I'd written down the description of it so I could share it in full, but I remember that it included wine and parmesan cheese. Enough said, right?

That's what's cookin' in my kitchen today. How about yours?